A considerate, collaborative, can-do culture

It’s that easy.

That’s our mission statement. A simple message: we want to make life easier for our customers. In their daily work, in the way they order parts, and in the support they get from us. We go the extra mile to put the customer first. That ambition is at the heart of everything we do.  

Our culture

You will be pleased – and maybe surprised – to find that our culture actually lives up to our core values. There’s a simple reason for that: we didn’t have to dream up our values – they just describe who we are and how we behave. Thanks to the brilliant people who form our family. You can discover more about our company culture and how our people feel about being part of Kramp here

Our core values:  

Our sector

Kramp supplies 850,000+ products to the agricultural and related sectors. We partner with the industry’s best-loved names, like John Deere, AGCO and SDF. If a customer places an order by 6pm, we aim to deliver almost anywhere in Europe by 6am the next morning. 

The talent in our company makes it all possible. Kramp people make a difference because they are always looking for ways we can be better. How could you help us improve? Find your next challenge here

Technologically advanced    

Most people don’t think of the agricultural sector being technologically advanced. They change their minds when they step inside Kramp. Technology is critical to our success. Our ever-evolving web shop is the result of cutting-edge digitalisation. 

We use automated shuttle systems to help our logistics teams, EDI service and automatic stock management systems, scanning solutions and a cylinder and hose configurator.  

The world’s population is growing and agricultural land is becoming scarcer. In response, tractors and machines are becoming increasingly advanced. So are we. There’s a very good reason that entrepreneurship is one of our core values. Because every good idea - whether that comes from a software developer in our Digital Commerce & Technology team or a warehouse worker making urgent deliveries possible – could add real value for our customers. What difference could you make?

Annual Report 2023

Want to read more about the continued growth of our family business, recent technological developments, and our social impact?

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