The core values that guide us

Our company started as one man offering customers the kind of service he would hope to receive himself. Today, more than 60 years later and despite growing to reach across the continent, the Kramp values remain just the same. Are our core values the same as yours? 

Engaged - shape your career 

The world is changing and we know we must remain agile to keep up. Moving forward within Kramp requires the same approach. If you have a proactive mindset, you will find numerous opportunities and get all the support you need to develop your skills. 

It’s a simple matter of give and take. Give your best and take the opportunities we can offer. Perhaps the Anjo Foundation can fund your training. Perhaps there is an innovative project with your name on it. Perhaps you have a big idea – or even a small one – which might make a tremendous difference. Here, when you are engaged in your career and our success, you will find all the encouragement you could hope for. 


Together - as a diverse global family 

Working at Kramp means working with more than 50 nationalities from all over the world. You might be considering a local role in one of our 11 innovative distribution centres, or ambitious about our International Management Traineeship. No matter which country you are from or want to work from, you will see we have one thing in common: feeling part of a big family. 

It’s a culture we are proud and protective of. It matters to us that you experience that same warm, caring atmosphere. Even new employees describe their first day as arriving somewhere special.  


Customer first – so go the extra mile 

No matter how the world changes, one thing remains the same: putting the customer first will always be our priority. Our mission is to make sure “it’s that easy” for all our customers to receive the service they deserve. When we go the extra mile – to truly understand our customers’ needs and get the job done together - it’s not just the customer who is satisfied. We all are.  

By working hard, solving problems together and putting the customer first, we shape a more satisfying, rewarding and happy workplace. Does that sound like the kind of team you would like to be part of? 


Entrepreneurship – means the freedom to create 

We define entrepreneurship as an approach which means you are always looking for ways to make things better – for the customer, for the company and for yourself and your team. We believe in continuous improvement, that there are always ways to make things easier. So if you have a good idea, you will get the chance to put it forward and help execute it if it makes sense for the business. 

Our people will tell you themselves: we’re always launching new projects and initiatives. You’ll find innovations in the warehouse and digital transformation doing incredible things with data, and those are just two examples. If you like the thought of a place where you have the freedom to think creatively – no matter what your job may be – you should check out our current vacancies.