“People like to stay here for a long, long time – it’s a really good environment”

“I found out about Kramp and the opportunity to work in the logistics team through word of mouth. As well as the interview, I had a tour around the warehouse and facilities here before deciding to accept the job as a logistics operative.

Working at Kramp has been a positive experience, even more than I thought it would be. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everyone here has been very welcoming, great at taking me in. From the very beginning I found it was a place where people smiled and seemed happy and positive.

I work a day shift in a team of 15, taking care of the stock – products coming into the warehouse, specifically. After being shown my daily responsibilities, I found that I was trusted to do my work diligently with minimal supervision, although I know that I can just ask for help whenever I might need it.

I was surprised to find how well planned the warehouse is, how well managed. I had expected to feel constant pressure, but it just isn’t like that. Everybody works hard – of course – but there is no feeling of being rushed and the workloads are manageable. It’s a supportive place, where people are actually happy to help.

I found that most of the people in my team have worked here for years. People like to stay here for a long, long time. I now see why – it’s a really good environment. I would absolutely recommend working for Kramp.”